NOLA meets Charlottesville. My journey.

New Orleans girl discovering a new facet of life and herself in Charlottesville, VA.

I don't use this nearly enough but hang with me. Suddenly quite busy crafting a completely new career and learning to truly love life for the first time since it all suddenly changed - perhaps really for the first time ever. I try to share what I can along the way and hope to develop this page into something pretty rad down the road!

A little about me:

I'm currently an on-air and promotional volunteer for a local, non-profit, modern rock radio station (WNRN) and an intern for Red Light Management.

I absolutely love music and greatly believe it's connecting power. Live music is my medicine, and I'm a sucker for the bass guitar. Other big loves include social media, animals (especially cats & dogs), and beer. New Orleans (NOLA) and Charlottesville (Cville) share some particular commonalities, making them both places that I'm proud to call home.

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I’m happy to be home, very happy, but spending a decent amount of time in a new (for me) part of the country was refreshing and valuable. It also kind of pissed me off … specifically about the town I live in, Charlottesville. Don’t get me wrong. I love living in Charlottesville, but I just…

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#dmbcaravan grounds from the Chelsea, Take 2. (Taken with instagram)

#DMBcaravan grounds from the Chelsea. (Taken with instagram)

My babe’s @Bonnaroo bible. He heads out tomorrow to get merch set up. Stop by the merchandise tents & show Red Star some love! (Taken with instagram)



this kid is my new hero

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Happy (adopted) Birthday to my “big baby bear”, Seymour! 11 years! Yes, he has a “funky eye”. A loved misfit. instagram)

Good reminder of necessary patience. #FortuneCookie (Taken with instagram)

Wednesday = Red Light / Blue Light (Taken with instagram)

Happy 5th (adopted) birthday to Tora, the adora-ble! My 3-Legged Wonder. instagram)

Grocery basket of Louisiana goodies. Bringing Hubig’s Pies to a Cville office. The beer is for me. ;) (Taken with instagram)